Thursday, August 26, 2010

Finished corpse project

I finally finished my corpse project. She looks good but I feel she needs something else. Any thoughts on how I can improve it.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

corpse project

I am almost finished with the making a corpse project I talked about last month. I have to wait till my daughter goes to bed to work on it since I can't let her get into the supplies. I'll post pictures and directions soon as I'm almost finished with it.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Halloween Costumes $50 gift card contest

Have you thought about Halloween yet? Head on over to The Neat Things in Life ( and enter for your chance to win $50 store credit to You can never have your Halloween Costumes purchased to early. Do not let your child have to wear a Costume no one wanted. Giveaway ends September 1st @ 11:59pm CST.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fall scents

Went to Bath and Bodyworks store today and they are putting out their fall scents. They have out some candles and that scented oil that you heat up in a burner. I got the Autumn and the Leaves scents. They both smell so good. It is a great reminder that the hot summer we have been having is leaving us soon. I love the cool fall weather.

Skeleton corpse project

I'm about to start a new project. I just got a full sized skeleton. I'm going to turn it into a rotting corpse. I'm going to stretch pantyhose over it and then cover the hose in latex to look like dried up skin. After the latex dries you just cut some holes and slits into the hose. The holes create the effect of seeing the bones through the dried up skin. Next I'll have to paint the whole thing. It's going to take some time to finish. I'll have to keep my daughter away from it so she doesn't spill the latex and paint everywhere.

Old overgrown cemetary

The story behind this cemetary is so sad. It is behind a huge mansion and farm that has been turned into a museum. As the family that owned died off only one lady was left living in this huge mansion all alone. She had no friends and was so lonely and depressed. She wrote letters to her dead family members and left them on the grave stones. The letters are so sad. After she died and the mansion was turned into a museum they found some of these letters. They were able to preserve them by sealing them into plastic boxes. They have put the letters back on the grave stones. Reading them just broke my heart. The lady was so lonely and sad. All she wanted was a friend. When she died she left the mansion to the state to be turned into a museum. She said it was for people to enjoy what she was never able to.

Freak Baby

I just found this picture from when my daughter was 2. These are some of her brothers and sisters. We usually keep them locked in the basement but decided to let them come down and play.

Distortions Unlimited Rocking Granny animatronic

Here is another animatronic I just got in. She is a rocking granny made by Distortions Unlimited. She is motorized to rock back and forth in a rocking chair. We have run out of space in our theater room I had to make the decision to either sell some things to get more space or just move granny to another room. She is currently living in my 3 year olds bedroom. My daughter is not scared of her because she has been around this stuff her entire life. Of course family and friends are shocked when they see this in her room but then my daughter goes and sits in granny's lap and really freaks them out.

Scare Factory Grim Reaper

I just had to get rid of this fantastic grim reaper. It was made for me by Scare Factory. He is an animatronic and grabbed at you as you walked by him. He was almost 8 feet tall and stood on a huge metal base. I just didn't have the room for him anymore. He has a new home at a haunted house in Knoxville TN. I miss him already. Notice my side show banner in the background. It's from the 1950's and is Zoma the Sadist. She was a woman that bit the head off snakes. A friend gave it to me as a gift.

Lenore Zombie Girl

I just got a lovely new zombie. Her name is Lenore. She was only a half body so I gave her legs and installed a motor in her base so that she moves back and forth. I have her proudly displayed at the top of my stairs.

Friday, June 4, 2010

What I learned today

I learned that if you decide to replace your toilet don't remove the old one then spend 2 hours at Home Depot picking out a new one. We came home and our entire house smelled like a sewer from the big hole in the floor.